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Being User-friendly and powerful made the Oranus  to famous brand in the market. 






Oranus fund Loan Application

Why many government offices and organizations and mosques in the market choose Oranus Fund loan Software?
fund Loan Application

Oranus Secretariat and Archive Software

Suitable for all organizations, government agencies and private companies to record and archive incoming and outgoing letters and archives and ...

Archive software

Oranus Cheque Printing Software

 Best-selling software in the market, in the shortest time easily print on check and enjoy it ...
 print check

Send and receive SMS Software

This is one of the best Softwares in the market that can send and recieve SMS via GSM modem
  It has alot of tools and options that amazing you ... .

gsm sms software

Send and receive SMS Gateway

Everywhere and at all times via our SMS Panel you can easily send and receive SMS without having to pay the software 
sms panel

 Oranus Libraries and Librarianship Sotware

Oranus management of libraries and librarianship software is robust and efficient software .You can use it without having to know in order to manage the affairs of small and large library / libraries, schools and universities, mosques and more.

libraries and librarianship

Oranus Accounting Software

After hours of work with oranus accounting program, user can maintain optimum efficiency.
.You can use this software very easy to manage finances, sales, purchases, bank, cheque, production and use.

accounting software

Oranus Barcode Printing Software

With this software you can print the name and price of the product and paste it on the product.
The advantage of doing this is, firstly, the customer is informed of the price of the product, and secondly, you no longer need to explain about the goods are not repeated.

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