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Oranus automation and form maker

2018 Version in 4 Editions
Which Edition do you want?
The free version of the Secretariat and Archive Software - Uranus Form Builder and Office 2018 can be downloaded easily. Then start working with it. Advantage of trial version is that you can download it for free. If you meet your needs, you can buy the original. This will save you a lot of time and money.
Free version features:
1. Has 10 hours of free training video. Installation and full training, along with professional and practical tips
2.All features of the ultimate edition is available in the free version, such as form design - add work folders and ...
3- Ability to test and review the program before purchasing the final product.
4. Ability to define unlimited working folders and unlimited design of required forms
5. Full access to the form editor's and the designer of the form.
Free version limitations:

1-You can Save 30 data records.
2- No support in any conditions from Oranus Soft

  Download free Oranus Automation Software
2018.09.4.2 version - April Edition ultimate
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Demo Movie
Full introduction of all features of the program

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